International business intelligence,
political & strategic consulting


Backed by its strong network, Eurotradia International’s provides companies with its expertise in:
• defining and assessing the decision-making processes and schedules
• providing required information to elaborate their marketing and communication strategy
• support the launch of their operations in international markets.

Eurotradia International has an active network of experts and consultants working in about fifty different countries and can extend their operational search wherever their support is required. Partners are chosen for their skills and reliability, as well as their broad rangeof experience and training. They all have comprehensive economic and political knowledge relevant to their country.

All work is guaranteed in compliance with Eurotradia International’s charter of ethics, together with French and foreign legislation, OECD and UN conventions, and standard business ethics.

Projects led by Eurotradia International are committed to a long term period; they involvere search, canvassing and complex negotiating, while being supported by continued dialogue with French and foreign authorities.

Eurotradia International’s services include activity reports, decision-making matrices, business trips, regular meetings, press analyses, etc. Its experts are paid by way of retainers fees, and success-based fees.